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Museums in Pondicherry

During their holidays in Pondicherry, travelers should never miss visiting the museums of Pondicherry. There are many and each one of these happens to be significant and unique in its own right. One of the most frequented in Pondicherry is the Pondicherry Museum, a repository of bronze images of Hindu deities, ancient temple lamps, coaches and palanquins among others. Besides that, visitors will come to see a variety of interesting relics dating back to the pre-Christian era. The Jawahar Toy Museum has on display a wonderful collection of dolls, gathered from different states of India.

To remind you of the colonial era stands the Romain Rolland Library. The library features as many as 300,000 volumes of rare French and English editions. This library also features a mobile section which keeps moving from village to village with a huge storehouse of around 8,000 books to read. The Anglo-French Textile Mills and the Bharati Memorial Museums are the other much visited museums in the union territory of Pondicherry.

Famous Museums in Pondicherry