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Lakshadweep Island
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Islands in Lakshadweep Island

The northern part of the one-time Lakshadweep, the Lakshadweep Islands happen to be the smallest Indian union territory. In terms of holidaymaking, these islands promise a heady combination of fun and adventure to travelers flocking here from all parts of the globe. The group is comprised of 36 islands including islets, spreading over an area of around 32 sq km. The group of Lakshadweep islands keep floating in the waters of the Laccadive Sea located at around 200 km off the Kerala coast. Those who inhabit towards the north of Lakshadweep islands speak Malayalam while those residing the Minicoy Island has Mahl as their speaking language.

The lifestyle and culture of the people living on Lakshadweep islands has been greatly influenced by the Malayali people of Kerala as well as the by the traders who arrived here from Arab countries. However, a close similarity in features can be noticed between the inhabitants of Minicoy and Maldivians. Muslims form the majority of population on the Lakshadweep islands.

Famous Islands of Lakshadweep