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Wildlife in Kerala

Featuring a total forest area of around 10,336 sq km, the southern Indian state of Kerala is home to a pristine flora and fauna. The Western Ghats region gives rise to a number of popular wildlife sanctuaries (12 in number) and national parks (2 in number), attracting both animal as well as bird lovers. Various forest types in the Western Ghats include tropical forests, tropical rain forests, tropical semi-evergreen forests and moist deciduous forests. Due to this diversity in vegetation, the wildlife parks of Kerala support a variety of animal life forms.

Due to the dedicated efforts of the Kerala Forest Department, around 2,395.4 of the state’s total forest area has been turned into wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. A tour to these wildlife destinations in Kerala gives travelers an opportunity to comprehend the environment’s cultural and natural history. So, are you ready for your next wildlife adventure in Kerala?