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Festivals of South India

If someone wants to experience and explore the real India and its culture then he must visit South India and attend South India festivals. Everyone knows that the culture and traditions of India are very much different from other parts and countries of the World. Festivals in South India have their own charm. There are several festivals which are celebrated throughout the year in this region. South India follows the Dravidian tradition and has different ways to celebrate their own festivals. Most of the festivals in South India are related to the religions and to some specific communities but some of the national festivals are celebrated by whole nation.

The best part of these festivals is that these festivals of South India are celebrated with great enthusiasm. You can watch people wearing different colored new clothes and distributing sweets on these festivals. This region of South India has nearly equal population of Hindus, Muslims and Christians staying and celebrating their festivals in harmony. On most of the festivals people use to go to the mosques, churches or in temples. At the festival time, one can see the beauty of these religious places. Thousands of people visit these places for completing their prayers. So if you want to see the real India then you must know about the culture and festivals of India. Know why and how these festivals are celebrated. Festivals of South India are the best mean to know the real India and its culture and people of different castes. Some of the famous festivals of South India are below mentioned.

Famous Festivals in South India
  • Aranmula Boat Race, Kerala
  • Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Kerala
  • Champakulam Moolam Boat Race, Kerala
  • Payippad Boat Race, Kerala
  • Pongal Festival, Tamil Nadu
  • Dance Festival, Tamil Nadu
  • Kavadi Festival, Tamil Nadu
  • Vinayaka Chathurthi, Tamil Nadu
  • Tourist Fair, Tamil Nadu
  • The Karthigai Deepam, Tamil Nadu
  • Tula Sankramana, Karnataka
  • Makar Sankranti, Karnataka
  • Hampi Festival, Karnataka
  • Pattadakkal Dance Festival, Karnataka
  • The Masimagam Festival, Pondicherry
  • French Food Festival, Pondicherry
  • Bastille Day, Pondicherry